Our vision of Family Forward is to revive the “Village” concept in the local communities served by RTIEL; helping inner-city families to dream again and then to walk those dreams into reality. Through the Family Forward Movement, RTIEL plans to aid families with their immediate needs and perhaps assist them in stabilizing their situations. Whether it is assistance in finding a job, putting food on the table, or direction to resources with educational or legal challenges; we’ll come together as a village of partners, families, and organizations that can lend a hand. However, we won’t stop there; our plan is to help families to dream again, to plan, and to then walk out the process of creating their new reality.

Our plan in realizing this resurgence of the “Village” hinges upon two key things:

  1. We want to identify the resources and services that community residents may need to move their families forward, and

  2. We want to facilitate the family’s acquisition of those resources and services by engaging families in a 1-to-1 fashion in what we are calling FAMILY COACHING.

We are currently in the planning stages of this movement and are seeking willing and able coaches who are able to help us scale this work with families. We also need support organizations to partner with us so that we can leverage their processes and experiences to positively impact families. And, finally, we need families who are interested in a new reality; who want to dream again, and who are looking to move ahead. Who do YOU know that’s interested in making this kind of difference! Stay tuned for more information on our planning progress and on our requests for help from community members like you!